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BTC Halving – 908 Day Count DownSurprisingly, China has banned crypto transactions for the ….. 100th time, paving way for the digital yuan (personally I can’t see this catching on).Bitcoin Fundamental & Technical Report – 30th September 2021It appears as though the Chinese government is attempting to prevent citizens from accessing methods to move money freely...
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What does is cost to MINE 1 BTC? 23rd September 2021 Before we get into the juicy information, let’s first take a look at the current market conditions. BTC Fundamental & Technical Update The negative economic news coming from China has weighed on all financial markets this week, including BTC. Risk assets declined due to...
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Cathie Woods the Chief Exec of ARK has called for a $500k target for BTC in just a few years – Here is why…   BTC – Technical and Fundamental Report US regulatory pressures continue to increase in the crypto space. Here at Miningstore we only see this news as positive as regulation provides clarity...
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BTC HODLers are on the rise! Bitcoin – Technical and Fundamental Update Bitcoin has faced a week of consolidation between the 46-50k range, although price action this morning has taken a sharp bullish turn to the upside. The crypto rally is being led by ETH which has moved roughly 15% shy of the record high...
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As highlighted last week, the BTC network reset resulted in a 7% jump in mining difficulty. Last week the BTC network reset resulted in a 7% jump in mining difficulty as the overall network hash rate continued to climb. The recovery can be attributed to Chinese miners finding sites to deploy their rigs and other...
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