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Altcoin news
1st OCTOBER 2019 RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA (RBA) CUTS INTEREST RATES TO HISTORIC LOW  The official interest rate has been cut yet again by the RBA to a new record low of 0.75%. The cut of 0.25% follows similar an earlier cut in July. RBA Governor Philip Lowe highlighted the following points in his post-meeting...
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24th SEPTEMBER 2019 HASHING IT OUT On 18th September, Blockchain.com reported Bitcoin’s network hashrate hit a record-breaking high of 102 quintillion hashes for the first time ever. Canadian crypto researcher and well-known analyst Kevin Rooke commented that, “Difficulty is projected to grow 60% this quarter, and it was already at an all-time high when Q2...
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Gone are the days where anyone with very limited knowledge or research could pick a coin to mine and achieve returns of $50 -$100 dollars per day. In today’s market, successful mining strategies involve countless hours of research and due diligence. MiningStore has had an exceptional track record in providing our community with quality coins...
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What is LOKI? The development team SNApps Service Nodes The future of the Project What is LOKI? Australian founded and based LOKI is a privacy project based on Monero. The project is a decentralised and open source app platform and fully encrypted private messenger that is based on CryptoNote protocol. Founded at the beginning of...
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Despite the cryptocurrency market losing a large percentage of its value over 2018, Coinbase reports they are still receiving 50k new sign-ups daily! What are all of these customers entering into a market that is falling for? Simple. They are getting ready to take a position once the bull market returns. Read the full article...
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Ethereum Classic (ETC), one of MiningStores recommended coins to mine, has had some very impressive price gains in the past week. As a result, our GPU mining community are licking their lips at the new daily profits this coin is providing.  What is causing ETC to rise?  This week, two major trading platforms Coinbase and...
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“The valuation of the crypto market increased by around $11 billion over the past 24 hours, triggered by the short-term momentum of bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.” Continue reading: https://www.ccn.com/ethereum-rises-5-as-crypto-market-as-crypto-market-gains-11-billion-despite-low-volumes/
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The following video is an informative discussion hosted by the developers of Loki coin. The video provides viewers with a clear understanding of what the project aims to achieve and who is behind it. This video is a great watch for anyone currently mining or interested in mining Loki coin. Please refer to the table...
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