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State Senator Introduces Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender in Arizona   In the last 24 hours, state Senator Wendy Rogers, a Republican, has introduced a bill in Arizona that would make Bitcoin legal tender in the state.     This follows another Republican, Don Huffines, a current candidate for Texas governor, exclaiming he would...
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Over the past 3 years Bitcoin miners have experienced a roller coaster of emotions when calculating profitability. The Bitcoin miners who performed the best were those who got in early during or before 2016 and were rightfully rewarded when the 2017 bull run came along. However those rewards did not come without major risks. The...
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The journey crypto currency has taken us on is like the first journey you took with your friends or family to a destination that was unknown or unfamiliar. The beginning of this journey was spontaneous. You planned very little but let the excitement of the new adventure take you with it. Your intentions seemed clear...
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Here is a non biased explanation of where Bitcoin price is at, and where Blockchains future resides. Firstly, it is important to understand that Bitcoin is young, and as a result the majority of its circulating supply is owned by a small minority of early adopters. In fact 20% of Bitcoin is held in less...
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Ethereum Classic (ETC), one of MiningStores recommended coins to mine, has had some very impressive price gains in the past week. As a result, our GPU mining community are licking their lips at the new daily profits this coin is providing.  What is causing ETC to rise?  This week, two major trading platforms Coinbase and...
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Bitcoin has surged 35% since June, and this week week alone Bitcoin has climbed another $1,000 USD! So, what is causing the cryptocurrency market to return to its previous highs, and how can you take advantage of it?  The main factor contributing to the latest highs of Bitcoin has come from institutional investors opening their...
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