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“I love owning miners with Mining Store, I just purchase the miners, I don’t need to service or manage them, and I just watch the coins land in my wallet!”

  • Client since early 2018
  • Purchased and Hosting 10+ Miners
  • Purchased “X MINER TYPE”
- Anthony
- Jimmy

“Mining Store never pushed a sale on me once, they let me take my time and invest based on my own decisions. I have never looked back since joining Mining Store”

  • Client since early 2017
  • Purchased FPGA miners and self-hosted
  • FPGA

“I thought only big mining farms could make money from mining, I was certainly wrong about this and found at anyone can make money from mining”

  • Client since early 2018
  • Purchased 32 FPGA, 25+ ASIC Miner
  • FPGA, M32, s19J
- Scott
- Itzik

“These guys spent hours on the phone with me before I spent my first dollar and educated me for free, I then bought my miners and they were online within 3 weeks!”

  • Client since early 2021
  • Purchased 5 S19 Pro
  • S19 Pro

“I always hesitated to take the plunge into Mining, but all my concerns were alleviated when I met the Mining Store team”

  • Client since early 2019
  • Purchased 46 FPGA, 20+ ASIC
  • FPGA, M32, S19 PRO
- Awab
- Peter H

“I had issues with my Mining set up, the Mining Store team remote accessed into my computer, and fixed it within 24 hours, the level of service they offer is amazing!”

  • Client since early 2018
  • Purchased 18 FPGA and S19 Pro Hosted
  • FPGA, S19 Pro

“I have gone from 1 to 11 units, and I was actually lucky enough to win one from a Mining Store giveaway!"

  • Client since early 2018
  • Purchased 20 FPGA Self hosted and 4 S19 Pro Hosted
  • FPGA, S19 Pro
- Peter C
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“I always wanted to invest in cryptocurrency, however, I really struggled to understand where to start and who to trust. After meeting Mining, everything just made so much sense and it was a lot more simple than I originally thought.”

You are here because like many of our clients, you probably know that cryptocurrency is an asset class you should have exposure to, but you are really just not 100% sure on how to get started.


Here at Mining Store, we understand that investing in cryptocurrency can seem daunting at first. That is why we put so much attention towards educating our clients before they spend a single dollar with us.


Through our free 30-minute strategy call, all the way to our 24/7 global community, we are always looking to educate and support our clients with their cryptocurrency investment expansions.

“Start setting up your own passive source of income through our proven cryptocurrency mining farms”

When you partner with Mining Store to help scale out your passive cryptocurrency mining investment, you really get so much more than just a mining rig.


Mining Store not only sources some of the most affordable miners on the market, we also host them for you. This means that you can set up your mining farm for an affordable price, and you don’t even have to worry about setting them up or monitoring them.


Because our business is running at a substantial scale, we are able to bulk purchase miners, as well as have them hosted with some of the cheapest power costs in the world!

How can we help you scale your cryptocurrency investments?

We have been operating in the cryptocurrency industry for over 8 years, and we have a team of 17 experts which specialise in mining, trading and customer support.

Free 30 minute strategy call

Become educated about cryptocurrency mining as well as have any of your questions answered.

Affordable products

Due to the large scale of our business, we can purchase miners for you at the most affordable prices.

Host your miners with us

Scale out your investment with our lower-cost hosting facilities. We have some of the cheapest power costs in the world.

Expand your knowledge with our community

We host one of the largest cryptocurrency communities in the world. Expand your knowledge and strategies with them.

24/7 Support

Have all of your questions and concerns answered by our friendly and professional support staff.

Expand your portfolio with other services

We also offer other cryptocurrency investments such as trading, defi investment, coin staking, and many more!

Our simple 3 step process

We have been working in the cryptocurrency industry since its inception, and we have nailed down our setup process to 3 simple steps.

Free 30-minute strategy call

We understand that cryptocurrency can seem daunting to people upon their initial investment. This is why we believe it is so important to educate our clients before allowing them to invest. In this free 30-minute strategy call you will have the chance to speak to one of our experts and set up an investment plan that suits your needs.

Purchase your miners

Once you know what investment plan you are stick to, you can purchase your miners. Our experts will let you know how long it will be before your miners go online, and they will notify you when your miners go online. From here all you need to do is sit back and let the coins roll in!

Continue to scale out your investment based on your strategy.

After you are comfortable with your passive income, you can start to scale out your investment based on your strategic plan. Most of our clients start small with 1-5 units, and once they see the coins start to roll in they scale out to 50+.

Are you ready to grow your passive income?

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